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Why Diagonal

Diagonal is the simplest and most secure way to integrate

crypto subscriptions, tailored to your business needs.


subscription models

Fixed, seat, or usage-based crypto subscriptions, Diagonal powers your business.


trust assumptions

Diagonal is non-custodial, and we can only charge your customers on your behalf.


payments composability

Unify your fiat and crypto payments stacks, by connecting Diagonal to your PPS (eg. Stripe).

Built for developers

The API for crypto payments

Diagonal provides a single, elegant interface that abstracts dozens of crypto payments integrations.



Create a checkout session and get paid in the tokens of your choice, on multiple chains, in just 7 lines of code.

curl -X POST \
    -H "X-API-Key: secret_test_d3m0k4ys28" \
    -d \
    -d \
    -d amount=10 \
    -d "subscription[interval]"=month \
    -d "subscription[interval_count]"=1


Charge your customer without having to trust Diagonal, by signing and attesting to charge requests.

import { Diagonal } from "diagonal"
const diagonal = new Diagonal("secret_test_d3m0k4ys28");

// receive charge signature request via Webhook
const chargeSignatureRequest = { ... }

// sign and attest to the request, using your signing key
const signature = diagonal.signatures.sign(
  chargeSignatureRequest, "0x64934cac2b46..."

const receipt = await diagonal.charges.capture(, signature);

Designed to grow your business

Your integration, your way

Diagonal enables you to accept crypto subscriptions with seamless and flexible integrations.

Monetize programmatically

Integrate Diagonal Hosted Checkout with just 7 lines of code and focus on running your business.

Diagonal Merchant Dashboard

Optimised for conversion

Let your customers subscribe on any device, in just 5 simple clicks.

Your business, your brand

Customize the checkout experience with your branding and messaging.

Monetize without code

Leverage Diagonal Merchant Dashboard to get paid and manage your business without writing any code.

Share and get paid with Links

Create and share Links with your customers and get paid without writing any code.

Manage your business

Monitor your on-chain business and manage your customers and subscriptions.

Diagonal Merchant Dashboard

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